Criminal Defense Investigations – Litigation fact-finding for attorneys

James L. Butts, LLC

James L. Butts, LLC

If you are charged or under investigation for a criminal offense your first call should be to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Special Agent US Army Criminal Investigator (CID) / Retired




  • Collected evidence be it testimonial, documentary or physical, to complete as factual a picture of the situation as possible:
        • Investigative Analysis¬†of Discovery/Case File/Situation
        • Initial Investigative Case Plan
        • Police Report(s)/States Witness List, et al—Field Investigation (Trust, but Verify)
        • As Attorney Advises

(Assistance, as necessary, from former FBI Special Agent Associates-Local-National-International-Laboratory, et al)

  • An organized group of former FBI Special Agents who are now conducting private investigations across the United States and around the world. Almost endless list of investigative specialists with multiple ares of exptertise.





      • Fixed- Negotiated (including pro bono, military veterans) based on scope, sources, methods and expenses.
      • Hourly- $150.00 plus expenses.
      • Federal- CJA 21-Authorization and Voucher
      • State– Court Order-Direct billing as Justice Administrative Commission (JAC) contract vendor.


  • We provide written results, hard copy-Email, concurrent with ALL investigative activity.